The 3am Club

(not the best club in town)

Are you a member of this Club?

If you find you’re waking in the night thinking with a mindful of stuff, then it’s time to find a permanent exit…

Freedom Trail - Guided support for business owners, senior managers and entrepreneurs
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Discover a fresh perspective on life and work

Its time to give yourself permission to put you first, creating a clear vision for you personally and ultimately, your business.

As a business owner, qualified coach and a former member of the 3am club,

I will guide and support you along your own Freedom Trail, to a brighter more fulfilled future. Together we will map out the best route for you.

How much do you invest in yourself?

Taking the freedom trail is an investment in you – your company’s most valuable asset. This investment is less than 0.5% of your annual turnover.

I came away from just my first session feeling lighter and buzzing with optimism! Mark, you are very good at this.

Take the Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a route that takes business owners, senior managers and entrepreneurs to a place where their companies and projects work for them rather than the other way round.  It involves establishing a clear vision for the future and then walking steadily towards it, guided by someone who has successfully completed the very same journey.

Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission to invest in yourself, to change your perspective, to explore new ways of living your life, both personally and in business.

Base Camp

The starting point – Base Camp. You have already come a long way and achieved a great deal to get here. At Base Camp we reflect on where you’ve come form, review your current situation and gather resources ready for the new way ahead.


One of the most useful tools in your kit is perspective. Having a fresh perspective can transform your view, changing it for the better.

Free from Fear

Understanding fear is essential in making the right choices. Admitting to and understanding fears is essential or freedom, giving you the power to free ourselves from whatever is holding you back.

Horses on a trail

Your Trail

This is your new way forward and we develop it together, mapping out your new personal and working life.

Keys to the Kingdom

With no fear and no restrictions you can have the keys to your Kingdom – what does it look like and how does it make you feel?

Starting the journey

You're on Your Way

Time to act! You begin to take big strides towards your new and exciting destination.


Free from Roadblocks

With resilience, creativity and persistence now added to your Freedom Trail back pack you will be well equipped to free yourself from any roadblocks along the way.


Discover a New Way

Live your transformation just as you have designed.

Your personal guide:

I’m Mark and I’m the founder and guide for the Freedom Trail, which combines life and business mentoring and coaching techniques.  I’m a fully qualified professional coach and a member of the Association of Coaching.  I have also set up, managed and sold businesses for over 25 years.

So, how did I become a mentor and guide?  Well, like many of you I’ve experienced highs and lows in both my personal and business life. I’ve worked in jobs I’ve hated and had roles I’ve loved, and experienced the loneliness, stress and weight of responsibility that comes with running a business.

This lived experience and my own personal journey out of the 3am Club (as I call it), led me to become a support guide for my fellow business owners.

Find out more about me here.

Mark is truly inspirational. I have already achieved more than I thought possible for me and there is still more to come. Highly recommend Mark.

How you know you’re ready for Freedom Trail:

  • You are a regular visitor to the 3 am club
  • You work for your business rather than your business working for you
  • You regularly feel trapped by your business or job
  • You are ready and open to discovering a new way of working
  • You recognise that you need support to priorities your time
  • You often wish you had more choices
  • You sometimes feel fearful about your business or job
  • You know you’re not getting what you truly need and want from your business or job
  • You question why you have your own business
  • You question if you are in the right job
  • You can’t imagine what your dream day at work could look like
  • You don’t acknowledge how valuable you are to your business
  • You don’t invest time and money in yourself

How you’ll benefit from Freedom Trail:

  • Your business will work for you, rather than you working for your business
  • You will gain a fresh perspective on your life and feel confident to make positive changes
  • You will be free to design your own best life and will know what that looks like – your keys to the kingdom
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the true values and beliefs that drive and influence you
  • Your energy, enthusiasm and motivation will increase
  • Stress, worry and fear will decrease
  • Your confidence will grow
  • You will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, which will improve your business, relationships and life overall
  • You will feel happier and more fulfilled